Somehow the world feels colder now

jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

My Socrates' Apoly script, part I

for english class:


Scene I

Socrates is sitting, and thinking, very focus on his thoughts. He looks smart as always. Suddenly two women go to his place. They look very serious.

Woman 1(looking at Socrates and touching is shoulder): Mister Socrates, I bring you this letter. The content is so important, here’s explained the time and date you will be judged.(she gives him the letter).

Woman 2: You must go. It’s extremely necessary.

Socrates just keeps sat and look to the two women that now are leaving the place. He looks at the letter and keeps silence.

Socrates: This is what I expected, but not to come so soon. I must make a call I thought I wouldn’t need it yet... (He stands up and leaves the place)

Scene II

There’s the court. We can watch the jury talking with the lawyer, Ms. Meleto who’s going to speak against Socrates.

Woman 1: This is enough; he just cannot keep saying that kind of stuffs.

Woman 2: People are getting mad, so many people go to listen to him and that’s so noisy... All the neighbours are complaining.

Ms Meleto: Don’t you worry lady’s; I will be doing all I can to take him to his grave. He looks more like a preacher on Ahumada’s street instead of a philosopher.

Woman 1: Did you hear he’s having a witness? We’ve got listen every word he says and you Meleto have to go against that.

Ms Meleto: Lady’s; I know how to do my work, just keep quiet and watch...It’s going to be interesting. (She leaves the Jury and go to her place on the court and starts to read some papers)

Woman 2: I kind of feel sorry for that man, there’s no chance he can win, and we know how the judge thinks... It seems she’s coming, we rather sit down.

The judge enters to the scene and sits. Looking around as she was looking for something.

lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Una criminal, la esposa del sargento, el fantasma del metro, el fotógrafo de la plaza, los ruidos del apartamento, los vagabundos...todos una gran incógnita pendiente...Inspiración, ¿por qué es que te has alejado de mí?

lunes, 4 de abril de 2011


Hoy, al verte, no renacieron los sentimientos; sino que recordé el dulce dolor de una astilla inocente clavada en mi corazón, tiempo atrás...